Using both painting and sculpture to express her empathy and emotion for people in crisis and their lack of identity, Gina Davey, intends to provoke the viewer into critical thought regarding these issues. Her works are statement pieces about humanity and the identity crisis that comes from being a faceless minority.

Gina uses both painting and sculpture to deepen the narrative and support the connection to her story. She uses both Charcoal and Oil for its flexibility of medium and allow her to make changes as she expresses her emotion and imagination on the canvas.

Gina works from her studio on a daily basis but goes on Artists residencies to Fraser Island which is on her doorstep. She regularly does portraits and has done several high profile commissions to date. Her work has recently been selected as a finalist for a cultural exchange with Lashan, China and is a featured Artist in the Fraser Coast Art Gallery.




Ph 0417 878 277